Arugambay is located 320 km from Colombo at the ‘end of the road’ on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.If you are after remote rural getaway with all the atmosphere of jungle and adventure this is the place for you. There is no thoroughfare through this village, and once there it is very hard to leave! Arugam Bay is a place for Surfers, Water sports freaks and Wildlife aficionados. Unfortunately Arugam Bay is on its way to become a major tourist destination, so you better hurry up while it’s still laidback and original.

Arugam Bay is the best Surfing locations in the Country and listed as one of the top ten Surf points in the World. The East coast offers infinite possibilities for all kinds of water sports and underwater photography. The many ship-wrecks off the coast are a tempting challenge to divers.

Whether you want to dine on the beach in view of the sea or watch the world pass by from a sidewalk cafe, the cuisine of Arugam Bay offers just what you’re looking for. A stroll along Main Street will take you past many traditional Sri Lankan restaurants serving some of the best rice and curry on the island.


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