Bandarawela, the city of 4250ft above Sea level and the 2nd largest city in the Badulla district and is situated 28km away from Badulla. Due to the high altitude, Bandarawela has a mild weather condition throughout the year hence it is popular among the citizens to spend the vacations with their family members. Bandarawela is 200km away from Colombo and 125km from Kandy. Bandarawela town, tinted with a Colonial past resting among lush forestation has found its niche among its visitors as a base for Eco-Tourism.

The main heritage sites in and around Bandarawela are,

(1) Ancient Dhowa Buddhist Rock Temple               

It was founded by the King Walagamba in the 1st century BC which is located 6km away from Bandarawela city. It has a 38ft Buddha Image sculptured from a rock and some paintings belonging to the Kandyan era.

(2) The Roman Catholic Church                                               

St. Anthony’s Church and Methodist Church

During colonial times, the picturesque town of Bandarawela was once hailed as possessing one of the healthiest climates in the world, and nothing much has happened here to change that. There in this was the most favorable climate in the island. Geographically, the Bandarawela area is hilly and surrounded by the large number of mountains in Uva and Central Province.


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