Hatton is a small town in Nuwara Eliya district of the Central province. It is known for tea plantations and industry. The town is situated at an elevation of 1271m above the sea level.

Located in the Colombo-Badulla railway line, and Awissawella-Nuwara Eliya main road (A7) the town serves as a gateway to Adam’s Peak Pilgrims, Nuwara Eliya and other tourists destinations.

In 2008 Part of the Hatton town including religious places, was Gazetted as a religious zone by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Sri Pada (Adams Peak)

The most famous physical feature of Ceylon is Adam’s Peak, which is situated in the Ratnapura district. It is on the edge of the central massif but its surrounding group of mountains called the Wilderness of the Peak, is so extensive in comparison to the bulk of the other mountain grouse that it appears to form a nucleus of its own, separate from the others. It is about 7500ft high and, though it is the second highest peak in the land, its position in relation to the topography is so dominant that is stands out above all others. The view from the peak at dawn is enough to shock the most cynical agnostic into a state of reverie. It takes about four hours to climb to the top from the town of Dalhousie. Reaching the base of Adam’s Peak is simple and if you’re making a night ascent, you’ve got all day to arrive.


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