Kalkudah Beach, Pasikudah Bay

Two maiden beaches that are located 35 km from Baticaloa and 282 km from Colombo. Pasikudah is a natural bay by protected by the Sea and resembles a natural, Shallow Pool.
These beaches are the ultimate call for all the travelers in search of some relaxation combined with some exciting action. Whether you want to try out some amazing sport activity like Snorkeling, Wind surfing or skiing or just bask in the sun along the beaches of Sri Lanka, this place offers everything for everyone. Recently discovered these beaches have caught many  visitors in awe with its natural beauty. Especially the Kalkudah beach on the east coast is now regarded as being among the most stunning beaches in Sri Lanka.

The combined beaches of Kalkudah and Pasikudah are ideal for bathing as the sea is clear, calm and protected by reefs, the beach is adorned with coconut palms is truly one of the finest stretches of beach in the east coast of Sri Lanka, thus no wonder it also emerges as one the most popular tourist destinations. The beach also houses a varied number of exotic Tropical Fishes and Coral Reefs. The combined area of Kalkudah and Pasikudah was declared as the National Holiday resort in 1973.


"Ever wondered why? Sri Lanka is Unique among the other travel destinations"

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