Kandy is situated in central province 101km from Colombo. It was the last capital of Sinhala Kings and is famous for the natural beauty of its setting in a peaceful natural surroundings with an artificial lake. Sena Sammatha Wikkramabahu (1469-1511AD) made Kandy his capital and named it as Senkadagala.

Kandy continued as the capital until the capture of the last King and the whole country became a British Colony in 1815. British period buildings are still remain in the area. Under British rule, when the great Queen of Britain arrived Sri Lanka, the hotel she rested in was, later named as Queens Hotel; and even today we can see that room she stayed in. The room from then till now has not changed a bit whatever the Queen used still remains there and anyone can watch the room but cannot to stay there.

The religious importance of the Tooth Relic and the annual Procession or the Dalada Perahara contributes to the dynamism and Unique Cultural importance to the historic hill Capital and its Buddhist heritage.

Kandy has played an important role in the political and cultural history of Sri Lanka.

Special Places in Kandy

(1) The Temple of the Tooth Relic         –           17th AD, KIng Wimaladarmasooriya
Also Known as Dalada Maligawa, which houses a tooth of Lord Buddha, the supreme teacher of Buddhism, it is one of the most Sacred Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in the World.

(2) Gadaladeniya Temple                         –           1344AD

(3) Peradeniya Gardens                            –           14th Century AD, King Vikkramabahu 3
Also known as The Royal Botanical Garden, is a Paradise for a Nature Lover.

(4) Embekke Temple                                    –           14th century AD
Famous for the intricate Wooden Cravings.

(5) Lankathilaka Temple                           –           14th Century AD


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