Mahiyangana is a town in Badulla District. Some orthodox Sri Lankan Buddhist believe that Lord Gautama Buddha himself travelled from India to visit Sri Lanka and arrived at Mahiyangana to stop a war between the Yaksha race (demon) and the race of Nagas (Serpents). The Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara monument was later built at the site where the Buddha preached to the inhabitants of the Island.

The name Mahiyangana means flat land. It is situated on eastwards slope of the central hills. The relative flatness of the area can be seen while travelling on the road from Kandy to Padiyathalawa. Mahiyangana is home to the Veddhas, meaning people of the forest who are in fact on the list of the World’s primitive tribes and considered to be the descendants of the Yaksha and Naga Gothra that inhabited Sri Lanka thousands of years ago.

This dry historic yet highly developed town is rich in agriculture and livestock farming. The Mahaweli River water was diverted to Mahiyangana, to enable farmers to do their cultivation which is a main source of income to the community.


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