Trincomalee, one of the finest Natural deep water harbors in the world is located 250 km north east of Colombo. Trinco as it is commonly called has been a sea port called Gorkarna since ancient times and it had attracted sea farers like Ptolemy, Marko Polo since that time.

Trinco, the 5th largest natural harbor in the World with a 33 mile shoreline and ability to accommodate 500 war ships during the 2nd world war and also is one of the safest with its superlative deep waters. It was the head quarters of Lord Luis Mount Batten the Allied South-East Asia Commander and it remained a Navy Town for years after war.

sober island among Several others in the harbor is wonderful spot for a Picnic and from it you can see the,

(1) Fort Fredrick

Portuguese destroyed the Koneswaram temple and constructed a Fort in 1624 but were ousted in 1639 by the Dutch, who captured the Trincomalee town. British recaptured it in 1795 and renamed the fort in honor of Fredrick in 1803.

(2) Koneswaram Temple

At the highest point of Swami Rock sits a Hindu Shrine, the Thiru koneswaram Kovil, one the five most holy temples or Esvarams in the island. This Temple is associated with Legends of Hindu mythologies mainly Ramayana.

(3) Kanniya Hot Wells

Located 8km from the Trinco City on the Trinco- Anuradhapura road, 7 hot Water springs are found here. People come and bathe here for curative purpose as well as to have an experience of hot water because there are only a few hot springs found in Sri Lanka. People believed that bathing would cure rheumatic pain and skin disease.

(4) War Cemetery

This one of the six commonwealth war cemeteries in Sri Lanka. Today this cemetery is maintained by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense on behalf of the commonwealth War Graves Commission.

(5) Pigeon Island         

At 200 meters off the Nilaweli Beach this is the only Island National Park in Sri Lanka and also this is the only place where the Rock Pigeon could be sighted. It was once used by the British for target practice during the Second World War.

(6) Marble Beach      

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Trincomalee area. the water is Crystal Blue and there are hardly any waves making it an excellent bathing spot. Before the war the beach was mainly used by Air Force officers and even now it is under the control of Air Force.

And Trinco is one of the few places in the World, where Blue Whales can be sighted.


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