The Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is also known as the Ruhunu National Park. This is the 2nd largest Park in Sri Lanka. The Yala National Park is also one of the most visited national parks in this country. It covers about 1297 sq.km of area and is divided into five blocks. Block one is the most visited area since it contains the highest density of Leopards. However other areas of Yala such as Yala East had been closed to visitors for some years and it will take time to research the Leopard numbers in these areas. Yala West consists of Scrub Jungle, Brackish lagoons and Stunning Rock Monoliths scattered throughout the park, its eastern edge is bounded by the South East coast.

Yala west or Ruhunu National Park is now well recognized for the Best Park in the World to observe and Photograph Leopards.

Yala National Park is situated at a distance of 290km from the city of Colombo. A variety of Flora and Fauna is found here. A number of historically and religiously important sites are situated in this area as well. There is also a substantial Elephant population along with Spotted DeerSamburWild Buffalo, Sloth Bear, Jackal, Mongoose, Pangolins, Crocodiles and many more animals. The Bird life comprises over 120 species and ranges from lesser flamingos to Paradise Flycatchers, Crested Hawk Eagles and Black Bitterns. Outside of the park are several other fascinating locations, including the ancient hermitage of Sithulpahuwa, Debarawewa wetland and palatupana saltpans. Marine Turtles can also be spotted alone the coast line. Dry Monsoon, Semi Deciduous, Moist Monsoon Trees and Thorn Trees and Patches of grass lands are quite prominently seen in the Yala National Park.


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