Why? Sri Lanka Is Considered Unique Among The World…

There are many reasons to visit Sri Lanka……

Sri Lanka is an Island surrounded by Indian Ocean and is a strategic naval link between the West and East Asia. It was once an important stop on the ancient Silk Road. The Country is a tropical paradise rich in natural beauty. It has a multi-cultural society consisting of multiple ethnicities and religions with Buddhism being regarded as the core religion by the state.

The Natural beauty of Sri Lanka has earned it the title “The Pearl of Indian Ocean”. The Island is laden with rich Bio Diversity, Captivating Cultural Heritage and Unique Experiences within such a compact location. Within its small landmass of a mere 65,610 square km lie 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Lush Tea Estates, Botanical Gardens, National Parks, Waterfalls lakes, and  miles and miles of golden sandy beaches. Thus, Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world which can offer the traveler such a remarkable combination of experiences within a short trip.

The Southern and the Eastern ports of the country in ancient times commanded the Silk Route which once extended from China to the Middle East. They are important supply stations even today to the ships on route from the West to the Far East. Trade items like Pearls, Gems and Ivory were the interest of Middle Eastern and Chinese merchants.


The Country lays claim to a long and colorful history of over 3 thousand years, having one of the longest documented histories in the world. The remains of ancient civilizations and kingdoms such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and the rock fortress of Sigiriya still remain as a glaring example of our rich cultural heritage.

The Hill Country of Sri Lanka boasts of some of the best mountain sceneries in the world. Pock-marked with numerous waterfalls and tea estates trekking amongst those peaks are a treat. Adams Peak, world’s End and the Knuckles’ Range are some of the favorites among the travelers who visit here.

The food found in Sri Lanka is as diverse as the people you find in it. Numerous scents and flavors are guaranteed to quench your senses whenever you sit down for a meal. This is mainly due to the abundance of various food and spices available in Sri Lanka. The richness of the country in spices attracted the attention of Portuguese in the early 16th century. The Portuguese Came to, what was known as Ceylon in 1505 and ruled the coastal regions till 1656. The Dutch and British followed them and the British conquered the whole island by 1818 until they went back giving us Independence in 1948.


The beaches of Sri Lanka are famous all around the world. From the most famous beaches of Unawatuna and Bentota of the West coast to the newly discovered beaches of Pasikuddah of the East Coast, travellers flock to Sri Lanka looking for a glorious bit of sun and sand to relax on. You will love the warmth plus the coolness of the sandy, luxurious beaches where you can enjoy swimming, Diving, playing water sports, surfing, jet skiing and take glass bottomed boat trips to see the amazing corals reefs, colorful fish and the unique turtles.

The flora and fauna of Sri Lanka is known the world over for its abundance and diversity. Rain Forests such as Sinharaja – which hosts numerous species found only in Sri Lanka, The National Game Parks numbering more than ten attract tourist for their populations of elephants, leopard, bears, birds and other wild animals. The bird sanctuaries are always populated by indigenous as well as visiting birds depending on the seasons. Sri Lanka is attracted by bird lovers from all over the world due to its vast number of different species, seen in their natural habitats.

Sri Lanka is also famous the world over for its Rare Gems and Precious Stones. The Alexandrite is a rare and valuable Gem stone only found in Sri Lank and we are famously known for our Rainbow Moon Stone. History shows that many gemstones were brought from our country by Shah Jahan in the construction of Taj Mahal. We are proud to mention that The St. Edward’s Sapphire which is set in a Maltese Cross at the top of the imperial Crown of State now worn by the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2, traces its origin to Sri Lanka.  Also, The 12 Carat oval Blue Sapphire at the center of the engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William, which was also Princess Diana’s engagement ring,  originally came from Sri Lanka.


The activities offered by Sri Lank are unmatched as well. From the age old to Safaris to newly available white-water rafting, surfing, ballooning and whale watching, Sri Lanka offers a host of opportunities to keep the excited traveller occupied.

Sri Lanka is a magical country filled with Natural resources, Marvelous sights and sounds and Kind and Friendly Peoples, and great activities. Give it a try!

"Ever wondered why? Sri Lanka is Unique among the other travel destinations"

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