Sri Lankan Foods

Sri Lankan food is as diverse and vibrant as its People. The Rice and Curry is the staple Food in most of Sri Lanka. This can change when you go to some of the more remote regions of the country 

An Average Sri Lankan meal always consists of rice together with Leaves, Fish and several Vegetable Curries. The specialty you find in Sri Lanka is that the same food will be prepared in various different ways so one can never get tired of them. There is special Food and Sweets made of Festivals. Most of Sri Lankan food does not use artificial flavors or preservatives so preserves the nutritional value of the meal and it will be healthier as well. 

Sri Lankan curries are known for their fiery hot spicy flavors and coconut milk is very distinct feature of Sri Lankan Cuisine. Different Regions of country specialize in different types of dishes so you will be able to savor numerous versions of the same food as you travel. The curries come in many verities of colors and flavors and come nourished with Sri Lankan Spices, which have great Ayurvedic Value. 

Many of Sri Lanka’s Fruits are fresh and home grown. The Sweets and sweetmeats are made at home. The Sea Food cuisine of Sri Lanka is famous the world over as well.

"Ever wondered why? Sri Lanka is Unique among the other travel destinations"

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