The peninsular, situated at the Northernmost part of the country, is practically an Island, connected the rest of Sri Lanka by a narrow stretch of land which houses the Chundikkulam Bird Sanctuary and a causeway known as Elephant Pass because Elephants would once cross the shallow lagoon at this point. Topographically quaint unlike the rest of lush Sri Lanka, only hard work and aggressive irrigation will coax a living out of this inhospitable northern soil. Jaffna is justly famous for the deliciousness of its Mangoes and toddy from the Palmyrah Palm. There are plenty of beaches in the area and slowly resorts are being built in the area. The Dutch ‘Star’ Fort in Jaffna is said to be Asia’s best complex of Dutch fortification. Inside it are the King’s House and the Dutch church. Since Jaffna’s population is predominately Tamil, there are also many Hindu Kovils in the area.

Jaffna is situated at a distance of 396km from Colombo..


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