Sri Lanka, this past decade, has increasingly been attracting more and more of the adventurous type of travellers. These are the type of people who are looking for something more than just a holiday when they travel to a country. They want to experience every sight and sound a country has to offer and make sure they take with them unforgettable memories when they return home. If you are they kind of traveller then Sri Lanka has plenty of action in store to keep you occupied.

Ballooning is the latest activity that Sri Lanka has to offer thrill seekers. Dambulla is the place where this is available and you will be able to see numerous landmarks as you slowly float over the countryside.

Biking is an activity that has slowly grown more and more popular in the country. A lot of travellers who love long biking trips prefer the Kandy – Nuwara Eliya route, especially because of the challenging track and the amazing views of the hill country that you can see along the way. The town of Habarana has sort of become hub for travellers looking to bike and view the famous locations of the surrounding area, especially the ancient cities. The Habarana – Anuradhapura, Habarana – Polonnaruwa and the Habarana – Kandy routes are the most famous.

Trekking or hiking has been famous in Sri Lanka as long as one can remember. Nowadays there are quite a number of places which travellers love to use for hiking. A lot of these locations are situated around the Hill Country. The most prominent amongst them are the Horton Plains. Haputale and The Knuckles range are the most favourite mountain peaks which climbers like. A lot of other love to hike through forest and brush to catch a glimpse of a little-known waterfall, hidden away in the wilderness. The Sinharaja Rainforest, another UNESCO world heritage site, is another place where you can hike for hours, marveling at the various different species of trees and animals which live in it.

For travelers who really like Rock Climbing, locations such as Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and Piduruthalagala, the tallest mountain in the country provide ample challenges.

The most novel experience that Sri Lanka offers to visitors who are looking for a novel experience is the Nature Track Tour or the Ethnic Tour. This activity enables you to follow the way of life which has been practiced in Sri Lanka, unchanged, for centuries. This tour includes a ride in a catamaran to a rural village, where you get to live a day of the life of a native, work in one of their farms, make rotis (a pancake like food item) and then travel on a bullock cart and have a meal consisting of local delicacies. These activities will make a unique experience to take back with you when you go back home. This activity is famous around the Habarana/ Sigiriya area.

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