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We offer all the services you would want, you would need to make your holiday perfect. From the moment you decide you want to come to Sri Lanka to the moment you get off at the airport, we will handle all of your Air ticketing and Airport services so that you will be able to travel in peace.

Once you arrive in the country we will be there to pick you up at the airport and from that moment onwards until the moment you return to the airport for your return flight we will take care of all your vehicle transportation needs.

Then on from the first day onwards we can assure you we will be able to get you the accommodation of your choice, be it Star class hotels or Eco lodges or even Budget Hotels. Along the trip we will provide you with qualified tour guides and naturalists to assist you in your tours to inform you about the locations you travel and we will also provide you with health and safety tips important for your trips.

But if you are looking for a special kind of holiday, like if you are planning your wedding or your honeymoon we can make special arrangements to make this dream of yours a success. We will be there to help you arrange special activities such as safaris, white-water rafting, whale watching and ballooning so that you will able to gather numerous glorious experiences while you are in Sri Lanka.

With Gazebo tours you can be assured that you will have a holiday that will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

"Ever wondered why? Sri Lanka is Unique among the other travel destinations"

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